A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Game made for the 32nd gm48 game jam. The theme was "climbing a tower".

The Games is about a wizard, climbing an infinite tower by finding the ladders on every floor and knocking out the enemies along the way.


WASD to move (also in menu) Left Mouse Button to shoot E to interact ENTER to select in menu


The game is best played in a display resolution of 1920x1080, if this is not possible an aspect ratio of 16:9 is recommended. Any other aspect ratio will work, however I can not guarantee that it looks as good as with the recomended settings.

If you switch type of orb, the level goes down by one, and will not be reset completely.

The magnet is experimental.


The Green Slime`

The green slime is the most basic enemy. He will chase you and try to hit you, but watch out, he get's faster through the floors!

The Red slime

The red slime is just like the green slime, but it spits slimeballs instead of trying to hug you. They are one of your biggest problems

The Bomb

The bomb will chase you at high speed and jump at you, after which it explodes. At first they jump a little short, but they get better as you progress in the tower!

The Bush

Stationary. Watch out for the thorns.

The Magnet

A real nuisance. Will pull you in and damage you if you get to close. More of an annoyance than a threat.

Install instructions

Unzip and play!


A Growing Challenge (v0.2.0).zip 52 MB

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